I grew up overnight

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Message17.04.2016Muhamed Kabir
In Afghanistan, we have a lot of problems with the supporters of terrorists. One day while we were at home, they came and asked who would go with them.
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In Afghanistan, we have a lot of problems with the supporters of terrorists. One day while we were at home, they came and asked who would go with them. My father did not want to let any of us become a part of it and, to defend us, he killed the two men who had come to our house. They came back very quickly and executed him.

My father is deceased, because he did not want to let us becomes killers or be killed. The problems started then. I'm the oldest male in my family, so they told me that I would be next. After that, I decided to go. I left everything: my life, family, friends, school. I was so scared, terribly scared. I did not know what it meant to fear for my life, because we had been protected from everything.

I have my mother, two sisters who are 11 and 13 years old, and a little brother who is 7. I took them all to my uncle and set off for Europe, or here, or anywhere. Somewhere I will not fear for my life. I want to get an education, and I really want to succeed in science. Science is my calling. I always liked math, tech, computers. I do not have anyone anywhere so it does not matter whether I go to Germany or stay here. The most important thing is to be educated, and after that I can start earning money and help my mother, sisters and brother and bring them to where I am.

When I talk with my mother, she always used to cry from happiness to hear from me alive and sometimes with sadness because she missed me. I was a child before, and then I grew up over night ...

First, I escaped from the terrorists, then the problems started along the journey. We ate two biscuits for four days of walking. We had a car accident in the forest as we traveled to Serbia. When we arrived in Serbia, they wanted more money from us, and then they took and locked us in a house. They threatened to not give us food, and to beat us, but they did not. One of us escaped through the window of the house and called the police. In the house there were 5 young children, mothers, and it was terrible because we did not have anything to eat, we couldn't go. What kind of people are these? Where should we get money, we escaped from war? When the police arrived they were not there, so I think the smugglers were not caught. We told the police everything, but they are constantly changing. Two days ago we were released from the house and here I am now here. In Serbia, the police and the people are very nice to us. I received my papers, so I am accommodated in a center, and I want to help others. I tell all of my friends to not come through smugglers. Just don't. It is very dangerous and difficult mentally and physically. I traveled for two months and I do not know when I will recover from all this.

Now I want to help everyone who needs help. My heart just wants to help people. And I will help until I start going to school and then I'll help after it, but now I'm dedicating myself only to help others. When we had the car accident in the forest, I saved a child. Then I realized what was happening and somehow woke up. I sat and cried, I realized so many things, I realized that the most important thing is to not be selfish, but to help others who are in trouble. I had a wonderful family, I love my mother so much, my wonderful brother and sisters whom I adore. My father supported me, he was someone I could always rely on, someone who was always behind me, and who gave his life for us. He always told me that I have a lot to learn, that education is crucial. I still can not accept the fact that he is deceased. My family is always in my heart and they push me to go on. I'll make it and when I do, they will succeed with me. It is important to have faith, and after all that I went through I still believe!