I hope to find new friends in this new life

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Message31.03.2016Mansur, Afghanistan
I worked in construction and sale of property in Afghanistan and had my office where I worked.
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I worked in construction and sale of property in Afghanistan and had my office where I worked. I had a problem with the Taliban because of my work, because their racketeering harms ordinary people. As they cooperate with the police, and I did not want to work with them, I realized how serious it was the day when they came and arrested me. They told me that since I did not want to pay, I had two options - to die or to leave Afghanistan. They beat me so much that they broke both of my legs. I still cannot walk properly. I barely made it to Serbia.

 My brother left Afghanistan long ago and moved to Germany, where he works as a journalist and is completing his Master studies. In Afghanistan, he also worked as a journalist and wrote about the Taliban, which was when they started threatening him. 

So he left. When I started working, they continued to threaten me. They told me that I do not deserve to live, that I am the brother of a traitor. He was terribly worried about me because at home I was receiving threats every day that I would disappear from the face of the earth. Previously, life was calm and full and stable, but after the problems with the Taliban, I realized that there is no life there for me anymore. These threats were coming every day.

During the journey, I often cried for my life in Afghanistan. I've been thinking a lot about why everything changed all of a sudden, about what our fate will be. I miss that life. I miss my mother and father, my friends. My friends and I regularly did sports, we went for football, volleyball. We loved to sing, we often did karaoke. Now it's all lost.

I keep thinking about them, how they are, whether they miss me on our sport team. What will my life be like? Will I find again people with whom I can share everything?

My brother wrote to the German government and asked them to accept me. He wrote about all my problems, but his request was rejected. Now I'm going on to Germany, knowing that they can find me and send me back and I am aware that, in this case, I will not live long.