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The process of smart city development has become a mainstream field in local development. FNF is at the forefront of this process in the Western Balkans.
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Climate change and the need for smart cities

Climate change is the most complex challenge our globalized society faces today – yet, actions are few. While a fierce dispute over the anthropogenic origin of climate change is splitting scientists and politicians into believers, skeptics, or somewhat in-between, the effects of climate change are perfectly evident – with significant and immediate impact on our life.  

The cities we live in today consume most of our natural resources. They are the main contributors to environmental pollution and greenhouse emissions. Regardless, for most, city-life equals opportunity and progress. Therefore, people and businesses will keep gravitating towards urban centers in the future. Hence, our city governments and decision-makers need to be capable to address the challenges of urbanization and the impact of a changing environment, to be able to improve the lives of citizens.

Via three dedicated projects, dealing with different key areas of sustainable urban development, FNF supports the development of local stakeholders by collaborating with regional and international networks of stakeholders, local decision-makers, politicians, entrepreneurs, academia, and experts. 



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Toni Richard Crisolli

Senior Project Manager

Bulevar Kneza Aleksandra Karadjordjevica 13/A8, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

Twitter:    @toni.crisolli
Phone:    +381(0)11.3066-824
Mobile:    +381(0)62.777-330