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My family and I come from Afghanistan. My wife and I are 23 years old, my oldest son is two years, and my youngest is five months. My brother-in-law, who is 17 years old, is also traveling with us.
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My family and I come from Afghanistan. My wife and I are 23 years old, my oldest son is two years, and my youngest is five months. My brother-in-law, who is 17 years old, is also traveling with us.

My wife is a teacher by profession. She taught at the school in the village from which we come. I studied, but because of my wife had to leave. Terrorists stormed the school and said that women cannot teach, that children do not need the education they are getting from a woman. After that the threats that we will both die began. I was afraid for her, for the kids, for my family and so we decided to go. We had a home, we had a life. She often cries, saying that she is to blame for everything, and that we had to leave home because of her. But she does not realize that it is better that we left because we can try to build a new home and a better life for our children. I will definitely continue studying and we will see whether my wife will be able to get a job and continue teaching refugee children from the Middle East.
"I loved my job so much, the kids loved to learn with me. We learned by games so they were never bored, and never absent from school. It's my calling, and it makes you very happy when you teach someone something. I've always had two things in which I have invested my effort and energy in my family and home, to make it warmer, more comfortable, based on love and understanding at school and at job. My family loved to spend time at home, since childhood I’ve enjoyed cooking, and thus my love for homemade food. My husband always said that I exaggerate, but in the end he still ate everything," Fehra said with a laugh.

"I think about those times when I could provide them everything, and now nothing. When you think about your kitchen, your work room, I question what I’ve done. I’ve been carrying my younger son for months because we couldn’t take the stroller because we needed other things more. Just one day I want to lie down to rest, to bathe my children and put them in a warm bed. They’ve been sleeping in horrific environments for months. Did you know that our children had not eaten anything for days before we arrived in Serbia? I’m breastfeeding the baby, but as I'm not eating, he’s also been quite weakened. I was afraid that we would all die. 18 people from the group died along the way. I do not know whether the international organizations know what is happening in Bulgaria. I keep asking myself whether we really should have left, whether the terrorists would do what they said they would," concluded Fehra. 

Farhan continued, “If they know and are silent, then it's terrible. What is happening there is really terrifying. We spent three nights in the woods without food or water. All the time you think it has been the worst, that someone will lend you a hand, and then you face the various horrors that people can do to you. I do not know, I lost my faith in people. I realized that people are actually beasts. We cannot describe what we’ve been through during our journey.

We are aware that after this experience we will not be able to return, to risk it again. I hope that the worst is over. That will be no more such terrible moments. You flee one hell to another. We're young and aware of the fact that our life is just beginning and that we will do all we can to catch up. When we were in Afghanistan we often imagined life in some other culture, we watched movies on the Internet and tried to understand it, to get to know it, even accept some of it. We will certainly have to change with time and adopt the rules here and behavior of the local culture, which doesn’t mean, however, that you must neglect your own. The children are the most important and key factor for our decision to leave everything and I hope that this sacrifice for them will not be in vain.